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Our Core Values

Explore, Educate, and Provide Opportunity Through The Arts of Dance 

Community Partners

Iibada has been serving the Indianapolis community for almost 30 years. We value the education, opportunities and exposure dance brings to our Indy culture. IDC wants to raise the bar when it comes to dance education by seeking partnerships with both public and charter schools to build both young artist and a culture of awareness that appreciates and supports the art form.  

What is the I.Dance Education program?
I.Dance is an arts education program that not only teaches dance, but it educates students from a worldwide perspective. Our curriculum focuses on three pillars in which we have adopted within our education standards. The three pillars are rigor, world dance academia, and opportunity. We currently serve through:


* In-school dance education programs

* After-school dance education programs 

* Community Dance Class and Workshops 


Our Curriculum 

Along with our standards, our curriculum pushes discipline, technical proficiency, and performance techniques. Our instructors provide quality instructions that build skill, confidence, and professionalism within students. 

IDC challenges students by marrying movement and dance education together in a way that caters to both the visual and physical learners. From creative movement to ballet, IDC educates using tools that expose students to the historical origin of dance cultures within regions all over the world. 


Our program challenges students both artistically and physically. Dance is the perfect supplement for physical education as it develops students agility, core strength, coordination and teaches the value of teamwork. 



Iibada Dance Company wants to meet with you and your organization to discuss a potential partnership for the upcoming 2019/2020 school year. 


We want you to evaluate our services and think about how I.Dance could service your students. We are flexible in planning for any academic institution within their day to day and after-school schedule. Our mission is to collaborate and use the power of dance to help reach students from a holistic perspective. To set up a meeting, please contact our administrative office at 317-250-7647 or email us at Before reaching out, please take a moment to review the following questions below.  


  • How many days would you like the program?

  • What grade levels would you like us to serve?

  • What are the current demographics of your school?

  • How many presentations or productions would you like per school year. 

  • When would you like for the program to begin? 

  • What is your overall vision for this program within your school culture?



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Summer Programs

Keep Your Campers Moving

Our KYCM summer program is designed to partner with surrounding summer camps to expose students to the art of dance. We have developed a schedule filled with classes that will help camp coordinators make the most of their summer program. All sessions are just $8.00 per student through June 1, 2020. The 2020 summer camp schedule;e will be available May 1, 2020

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