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First Week Of Classes Begin 

August 17, 2020

What's New This Fall 

Hybrid Classes


We are introducing our new Hybrid schedule. With so much uncertainty in the air with the pandemic, We wanted to make sure we are doing our best in keeping our kids safe. The virtual class was a useful tool to keep our kids moving and engaged, but what are team found is that students were experiencing diminishing technique, lack of focus, and zoom fatigue. To battle these challenges, our instructional team developed a hybrid model that will allow students to take two classes in-person and two classes virtually. For more details, email us at


Virtual Only Classes

Virtual only classes are still available. These classes are strictly for online learning. All virtual learning classes will be held Thursdays from 6 pm to 8 pm. Please view the schedule below for availability. 

New COVID-19 Studio Policy (IMPORTANT READ)

  • All students participating in in-person classes or rehearsals must wear a breathable mask. 

  • All in-person studio classes or rehearsals but be held outside while practicing social distancing. If inside, student capacity is no more than 8-10 students per class. 

  • Studios will be sprayed, surfaces wiped down, between and after classes 

  • Students should sanitize hands before entering the studio and after they leave the studio. (Sanitizer will be provided) 

  • No shoes worn in from the outside will be allowed on the studio floor 

  • There will be no gathering after rehearsals, students will be dismissed one at a time to ensure social distance is maintained until the parent arrives. 

  • Please have students bring their own sanitizer to keep in their dance bag as a precaution 

  • No parents are allowed in the studio or in the building unless they have an appointment with the staff. 

  • Students will be checked in at the door (Temperature Checks May Be Administered) 

  • Parents should drop off and pick up students at the west entrance of the building only. We will send out your child when you arrive. 

  • If a student has been exposed to COVID-19, parents must report to our administration team immediately

Registration Schedule


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