Summer Intensive


2020 Summer Dance Intensive is here. This year's theme is "From the Studio To The Stage. Aspiring dancers will go through 4 weeks of rigorous training, dance games, performances, workshops and most of all fun. Young dancers will experience all aspects of the dance industry from the studio to the stage. Available classes will be the following: 

* African 

* Ballet

* Broadway

* Bollywood 

* Contemporary

* Hip Hop 

* Liturgical

* Modern 

* Drumming 

*Make-Up Workshops 

* Photoshoot Workshops 

* Dance Education 


$100.00 per week 

Total: $400.00

Early Bird Special 


(Deadline May 1, 2020) 

Youth Employment 

Job Description 

We are looking for a Dance Camp Counselor to supervise dance campers through 4 weeks of rigorous dance training, fun dance challenges, learning choreography, and un workshops. 


What do Camp Counselors do?

 Camp Counselor's duties are to ensure campers are safe at all times. You’ll be responsible for overseeing their activities and ensuring they stay on task and meet the demands of their daily camp schedule. Camp Counselors' duties also include planning dance games, facilitating dance education sessions and assist in managing camp rehearsals for performances. 


Camp Counselor qualifications

Being reliable and able to build good relationships with children are two essential traits of a Dance Camp Counselor. You also need to have basic knowledge and skills in dance, like technique, choreography, and movement associated with your area of expertise. (African, Modern, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary etc...)  



  • Plan indoor/outdoor activities associated with the dance camp curriculum

  • Follow weekly or daily schedules of assigned students 

  • Lead dance recreational and educational activities 

  • Escort assign students to rehearsals

  • Assist instructors in workshops and classes

  • Set up studio and equipment for rehearsals 

  • Assist Camp Director with rehearsals and performances

  • Make sure all safety rules are followed

  • Teach dance camp warm-up 

  • Prepare Campers for Dance Battle 

  • Keep daily attendance log

  • Attend Daily Dance Training (Counselors Only)



  • Prior experience working with youth 

  • Familiarity or basic knowledge in dance in African, Modern, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary etc...

  • Patient and reliable

  • Organizational and communication skills

  • A love for children

  • Energetic and positive personality

  • Ability to meet the physical demands of the job (strength and stamina to follow strenuous activities like hiking, running, crouching or carrying children)

  • First aid- and CPR-certified preferred

  • Must be 16 to 21 years of age 

  • You may need to pass a drug screening

  • Must adhere to a background check according to Indiana State Law